1.    Series "Mechanics of the forgotten” (in french "macanique de l'oubli") : work in progress.  this work materializes my attempt  to digest  horrific pictures and videos of beheadings that the mexican mafia put on line.


One scene in particular stay in my mind. Fron this scene, a couple of pictures began to pollute me. Kind of Icones of obscenety, insanety and horror; degrading  human being in my eyes.

Through this body of work I try to transform my memory of this scene in order to live with it and to accept this reality. With this couple of pictures as a starting point, I "re -visit"This scene and try to re-humanise this lady work after work. I let the time passing on my first impression and play a strange game with my memory of it.  I posted it from the most recent to the oldest one with the 2/3 pictures of the real scene that inspirate this series  at the end.


2. the following works are a continuation of the previous series “Bird’s eye vision inside-out"

Technic : china ink, acrylic, flour glue and recycled paper.


FORMATS : Works on frame :40X60 Inches .Works on paper: 22X30 inches

1. "Mechanics of the forgotten”

2. Continuation of the previous series “Bird’s eye vision inside-out"